Before we get into the discussion of how agile project management works we need to first figure out what Agile management basically is. Agile management is related to planning and conducting different projects and the processes that are involved in that particular project. Agile project management is most likely related to the agile software development. However, the agile project management is wrapped up by taking small baby steps. All the steps that are involved in order to complete a specific project are being analyzed and evaluated by the members of the project at all times. After analyzing particular step results are given and the next step of the project is decided. All the projects related to agile management are to be completed within a time span of one to two weeks.

Although there are different types of agile management, we will be discussing the agile project management with scrum. Talking about scrum, it is considered to be the foundation of agile projects and is mainly used for the completion of complicated projects. At first, it was only used in the field of software development but later on people used it for complex projects as well.

Scrum has its importance mostly in agile project management. Scrum does not only handle simple projects but can also take up complex and difficult projects. Although scrum comes under the heading of agile as it is the simpler and most accurate and faster version of agile.   When an agile project is being managed with Scrum, three people look after the project and they include:

  • Product owner
  • Scrum master
  • Project team

The product owner is responsible for all the business related decisions and conditions. His/her duties include:

  • Building the product perfectly
  • Should be able to balance challenging priority
  • Should be a call away to all the team members
  • Should be able to make just decisions related to the project

Secondly, the scrum master acts as the head of the team. He helps all the people working on the project, enables and ensures a good working environment. The duties of a scrum master are as under:

  • Being available for the team members
  • Ensuring proper services to the team members
  • Eliminating any confusions or problems faced while working on the project
  • Conducting meetings
  • Promoting teamwork
  • Should keep track of the work being done related to the project

The last and most important part of a Scrum agile project is, the team members involved in working for the completion of the project. The team is responsible for making a perfect outcome of the project given to them. Following are the duties of the team members:

  • Steps to take in order to complete the project
  • Make plans to achieve the goal
  • Decide who can work on what part of the project

The difference between simple agile project management and scrum agile management is that in the case of simple agile projects, the work is divided among a number of different people however in scrum agile projects the work is divided among 3 groups as mentioned above and these three people are responsible for the project. The projects take less time to complete in scrum agile projects as compared to the simple agile project management processes.

If anybody is looking forward to getting their projects completed in less time and with more accuracy should definitely consider agile project management with scrum. As it is the best and fastest service they can ever get. A number of people have chosen and are taking up scrum agile management for their projects and are loving the Scrum way.