scrum story points example

scrum story points example

Agile story estimations


Story points are the measuring unit.
These points help to estimate an effort or build a product.
These points in overall required for the complete implementation of a product accumulation or some other work.
As the story points represent the efforts done for the story development.
The team must keep an eye on the issues that may affect the efforts.
The amount of work, complications, and hurdles in work and the risks during the work may include in this issues.


For the successful story estimation, there are certain key points that may have to be followed by the team.

  • Recognize Conceptual structure of the story: Recognizing the conceptual structure of the story that may be more than one referencing story is an essential part. Against which one would do the considerable sizing of the accumulation. The story has to be picked from the current product accumulation or the other story that has been done before. An essential thing is that every team member must understand the conceptual story and should be confident about it.
  • Requirements of the story:  the owner of the product would be explaining the requirements of a story and the questions would also be answered by the product owner.
  • Important things must be discussed and registered before story implementation: before the story implementation, the story estimation team may importantly discuss the important things that must be remembered before story implementation. To keep these things in mind the scrum master could write them down and discuss thoroughly with the team.


Opportunities to evaluate the project direction throughout the cycle of development is provided by the agile development methodology.
The regular tempo of work helps in achieving this. It is known as iterations.
After the iterations finish the estimating team must provide the ready to ship products.
Focused repetition of the work cycle and the output of the functional product, the agile developing methodology is narrated as the “incremental”.
Companies seek help from agile project development in building the correct product.
Rather than executing a piece of software to the market that may not have been written.
Teams are empowered by the agile methodology to develop their features, again and again, plan and replan their release.
The reason is for the advancement of its value from beginning to end in the development.
Projects that are developed through agile methodology upholds the critical importance of the product in the market.


The irrational measurement used by the scrum team is known as a story point.
A story point is used for measuring the efforts.
Relative points are required for the implementation of the story.
In simple means, Agile project development team is told the hardships of the story by the story points.
Difficulties, hurdles, and risks in the story refer to the hardship.
Chosen by the agile project development team, story point would mean differently for every team
If the same story is issued to two different agile development teams, depending on the numbers chosen by the teams, the velocity may differ from each other.
For example, one team says their velocity is 45 while the other agile development team would tell 15 as their velocity.


Planning poker also commonly known as scrum poker is a type of estimation technique for planning and estimating the agile points.
But the planning poker is based on consensus.
The owner of the product or the customer of the product reads the story of an agile user or the features is described by them to the estimators for starting a session of poker planning.
The repetition of the process of planning poker continues till the achievement of consensus.